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Join us for our first annual 4th & Que!  All proceeds from the event go directly to the Walker Area Community Foundation.



Teams may compete in any or all categories: Chicken, Pork, Beef or Ribs and two sauce categories white & red.


Businesses may sponsor the event with 100% of their sponsorship going directly to the Walker Area Community Foundation.


General Admission gets you access to all the BBQ you can sample.  VIP gets that plus access to a lounge with extra amenities and bbq buffet.

Follow this link to Compete, Sponsor or Attend


What meats do I cook?

You can choose any style within any category.  We require you enter at least one meat and one sauce.

Will I have access to electricity and water?


Do I cook onsite or offsite?

Either.  We will have an onsite area starting at 9 am on Friday 7/15 with overnight security. 

What time does judging start?

Matt will begin live judging on stage at 10 am.  Staggered by category; times set closer to event.